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13 February, 2018
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14 March, 2018
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RNAseq bioinformatics flash course for PhD students and young scientists

USD 40.00 USD 20.00


Date: 1st October from 9 to 12.30hs

Location: CCT Patagonia Norte, Av. Pioneros Km 2.350

* 50% discount for Jornadas or ISSY´s participants

RNAseq bioinformatic flash course for PhD students and early career scientists by Dr. Bellora Nicolas. The aim of the course is to introduce to state-of-art complete computational pipeline for the analysis of gene expression using RNA-seq data.

1.- Quality control and preprocessing of raw reads
2.- Determination of gene expression variation between samples and replicates by PCA analysis
3.- Transcriptomic and genomic reads mapping
4.- Analysis of differential expression
5.- Graphical representation: heatmaps, volcano-plots and MA-plots
6.- Gene set enrichment analysis


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