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12 February, 2018
RNAseq bioinformatics flash course for PhD students and young scientists
14 March, 2018
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Cletus Kurtzman´s Workshop on Taxonomy and Systematics of Yeasts

USD 0.00


1st Oct 9 am to 1 pm

Location: To be defined

Free for ISSY´s participants Only.
Please follow payment procedure and select pay by transfer amount of cero USD. A registry will be prompt with your personal data.

The workshop, in honor to Cletus Kurtzman memory, will provide an update in yeast taxonomy and assess the impact of genomics in yeast systematics. Hosted by Teun Boekhout and Marizeth Groenewald, has confirmed contributions from Neza Cadez, Chris Hittinger and Cathy Aime

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