09:00-13:00 / Cletus Kurtzman's Yeast Taxonomy and systematics workshop: The impact of genomics.

9:00 Marizeth Groenewald Welcome words

9:20 Antonis Rokas A phylogenomic roadmap for the budding yeast subphylum

9:45 Cathy Aime Taxonomic studies in some basidiomycete yeast lineages

10:00 Neza Cadez Genome-based approach for species deliniation in the genus Hanseniaspora

10:15 Andrey Yurkov One Fungus = One Yeast in Basidiomycota

10:30 Virginia de Garcia Extremophilic yeasts from Microbotryomycetes: A new psychrophilic genus isolated from ice glaciers

10:45-11:15 Coffee

11:15 Javier Carvajal Barriga Molecular taxonomy of yeasts can help to reveal ancient human contacts

11:30 Masako Takashima Genome-based approach for genus deliniation in the Trichosporonaceae

11:45 Heide-Marie Daniel The genus Candida in its phylogenetic context

12:00 Teun Boekhout Tribute to Cletus Kurtzman

12:20-13:00 Information and discussion ‘The Yeasts’ foundation